Finder of Lost Objects

International Latino Book Award winner
and Lambda Literary Award finalist
from Ithuriel’s Spear Press

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Finder of Lost Objects is many things: a smart detective story, a meditation on romantic and familial love, and a celebration of the lesser known corners of the author’s city, San Francisco. Susie Hara’s voice is unique, funny, and above all, heartfelt. A gem of a novel from a very talented writer.”
—Michelle Richmond, author of Golden State

“Sadie García Miller is a struggling entrepreneur who helps clients recover what’s been lost. Hara’s story takes Sadie from San Francisco’s Mission District, to the farmworker fields of the Central Valley, and south to the streets of Los Angeles. Through these disparate landscapes Hara pulls her reader in, and we bear witness to the social and political underpinnings of injustice, and to mouthwatering descriptions of homemade Mexican food, the inhaled smoke of a good cigarette, and fiery love scenes that all leave us wanting more. Hara won’t disappoint. Her words compel us to revisit what we each have lost, and just maybe, in our search to recover it, we will come across an unexpected find.”
—Maria Nieto, author of Pig Behind the Bear 

“In Finder of Lost Objects, the narrator suggests that ‘People say they’re looking for an object, but they’re really looking for a whole lot more.’ Readers are sure to get a whole lot more from this terrific novel. Susie Hara writes with charm, wit, and real insight into the human heart.”
—Ellen Sussman, author of Paradise Guest House